$215 Million Settlement with USC over Gynecologist Sex Abuse Allegations

$215 Million Settlement with USC over Gynecologist Sex Abuse Allegations

The New York Times reported the University of Southern California settled with victims that alleged they were sexually abused by a school gynecologist for reportedly $215 million in October 2018. It is the first of what maybe many settlements against the university over the Tyndall scandal. The publication reported 500 women have sued the university regarding the matter. The settlement has not received final approval. Some reports put the number of women that could be eligible for the settlement as high as 17,000. According to news reports, a gynecologist working for the University of Southern California was accused of abusing female students for decades. Dr. George Tyndall, who is at the center of the scandal, is facing allegations of sexually abusing his patients during pelvic exams. Some of the women who spoke to the media said the doctor would examine their genitals without gloves, another woman said her groped her breasts, and others said her would leer at their naked bodies while conducting the examination. It has been reported Dr. Tyndall worked for the university for almost three decades. He denied the allegations made against him.The doctor was suspended in 2016 after a supervising nurse where Tyndall worked made a complaint to the campus rape crisis center about him. He was allowed to resign from his position at the school in 2017. He has since retired and continues to deny allegations about his conduct.

The Los Angeles Times published an article detailing the various complaints against the gynecologist. Allegations were made against the university stating the institution covered up for the doctor since the year 2000. The university denied it and there were calls to remove the university president.The Washington Post reported the chairman of the board of trustees backed the President and stated he had their full faith and confidence. Eventually the university president resigned. In addition to the lawsuits filed by the alleged victims of Dr.Tyndall, the United Stated Education Department has launched their own investigation into the scandal.

The Tyndall affair is similar to the Dr. Nikita Levy settlement where the gynecologist in that settlement was accused of sexually abusing his patients. John Hopkins University was sued and that lawsuit resulted in a huge settlement for the plaintiffs and the doctor ended up killing himself. A few years ago, Dr. Larry Nassar, a gynecologist at Michigan State University, was sentenced to prison for his crimes of sexual abuse against female student athletes and Olympic athletes he was examining. The plaintiffs in that case also filed a lawsuit against the university which resulted in a huge settlement for them as well.

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