Community Health Systems Data Breach Cases

Community Health Systems Data Breach Cases

In the past few months privacy and data have taken prominence in the national debate. Issues with Facebook and the 2016 United States Presidential election helped push the two issues to the forefront where the debate continues to about the intersection between the two. When Community Health Systems (CHS) was breached in 2014, it was reported that it affected almost 4.5 million people. The breach included very sensitive information like patient names, addresses, birth dates, telephone numbers, and social security numbers. Once the breach became public, patients filed lawsuits alleging CHS failed to implement and follow basic security procedures to safeguard their personal information. They also claim the company did not notify them of the breach and were unable to protect themselves from harm. Eventually the claims were then bundled into a class action lawsuit against CHS. Currently, the class action is structured as an MDL (Multi-District Litigation) titled Community Health Systems , Inc., Customer Security Data Breach Litigation (MDL 2595).

Data breaches have become commonplace in recent years and those breaches have affected many walks of life. Huge companies like Target and Sony, financial centers like J.P. Morgan, e-commerce websites like eBay, credit reporting agencies like Equifax, and social networks like Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison have all been hacked. Most recently, the Marriott system was hacked potentially affecting 500 million travelers who visited their hotels. Community Health Systems’ (CHS) data breach in 2014 added medical entities to the list and that is arguably the most dangerous because of the kind of information at the hackers’ disposal.

CHS provides general hospital services to health based facilities across the United States of America. By many accounts, it is the largest owner and operator of acute care hospitals in the country and is based in Tennessee. Acute care is a branch of healthcare where the patient receives short term services to treat an injury, illness, or urgent medical condition.The company owns and operates multiple health care facilities in urban, suburban, and rural areas in multiple states.It is a publicly-traded company on the New York Stock Exchange with it’s price currently hovering a little above $4. CHS has been trending down recently due to the company losing value the past few years. Bob Herman of Axios reported in 2017, Community Health Systems lost almost 90% of its market value. In his article titled, The Collapse of Community Health Systems, he writes a large part of the company’s problems are due to its acquisition of Health Management Associates in 2013. That made it the largest for profit hospital company in the U.S. by number of facilities it owns or operates.

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