The Funding Process

Legal fee acceleration for cases involving torts, mass torts, product liability, class actions, employment discrimination cases and more.


Contact us or complete our online application. As attorneys we interact with you the way you interact with your clients—in a confidential relationship.

Due Diligence

RapidFunds® will rely on the information you provide and our own independent due diligence to determine if we will buy a portion of your anticipated fee.

Contract Preparation

We will provide you with a written proposal that we will honor.  You will know exactly what you sold us and the purchase price before you commit.

Receive Funds

We wire money directly to your account, often the same day you apply, so the money is available immediately with no risk and no hidden fees.

We help you turn your settled cases into cash so you can run your business.

Have you settled a case and are waiting for payment? Unfortunately, settlement proceeds are often delayed, which makes it hard to maintain the cash flow you need for your practice. We buy a portion of your legal fee turning your settled cases into a cash asset.

We fund all types of settlements. Whether you have a simple tort case or a complex class action with or without preliminary approval, we can help. In addition, if you have several small cases and want to consolidate them, we can do that for you and fund based on a “batch” of expected fees.

Our turnaround time is fast. We call ourselves RapidFunds® because it accurately describes our methods. We’ve had hundreds of instances where we’ve received an application in the morning and funded by early afternoon.

Everything we do is with complete confidentiality. No one knows you completed a RapidFunds® transaction other than you and us. We do not speak to or consult with the defendant or their counsel prior to funding.

Our funding capability is very significant. We handle transactions as small as $10,000 and as large as $20,000,000. We are also willing to consider transactions well in excess of $20,000,000.

We are paid nothing until you are paid. There are NEVER any monthly payments. No application fees, no due diligence fees, no up-front fees.


Post-Settlement Funding

Convert your settled case into immediate cash. Post-settlement funding was created to help plaintiffs’ attorneys who find themselves in need of cash between pending contingent fees.

Case Cost Financing

Case Cost Financing allows plaintiffs’ attorneys to pay case expenses as they pursue justice for their clients. Trial attorneys can directly tie case costs to how much financing they need.