Social Security Disability Benefits Cases

Social Security Disability Benefits Cases

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments are what an individual receives when they cannot work full-time due to a disability or an injury. In addition, if that injury or disability will lead to that person’s death, they are eligible to receive payments.The process starts when the individual pleads their case to the Social Security Administration (SSA). If the agency deems their petition valid they will start to receive payments. SSDI and SSI are part of the United States of America’s federal government’s retirement system within its’ social security program. SSA is known to deny claims for disability payments and in those situations individuals are able to challenge the agency’s decision when those benefits are denied. While the claim is being appealed, the individual is not getting paid. Should the appeal be successful they will be entitled to back pay by the SSA.

Once social security disability benefits are denied, an initial appeal called “reconsideration” can be filed by the individual. If after that “reconsideration” the claim is still denied, they can start the official appeal process. According to various websites about the social security disability process, the individual’s claim is brought before an Administrative Law Judge where it is again reviewed and if denied at the point it will be brought before the Social Security Appeals Council. (SSA)  This process can be long and ongoing and that is why some individuals choose to engage an attorney to help their appeal.

There are many attorneys nationwide that practice in social security disability law. They are mostly plaintiffs’ attorneys, but there are special contingencies places on them when they take these cases the biggest being their fees from those cases.The attorney fees for social security disability attorneys’ are capped at $6,000 and that is far less than what most plaintiffs’ attorneys charge as their fee for their services. Like other areas of plaintiffs’ law, the payment is contingent on their client’s social security disability appeal being successful. Most attorneys who practice in the space have multiple clients appealing their social security payments so they can make the efforts worthwhile. For some firms, social security disability appeals are all they do and depending on the individual claim the cases can move slow through the process.

There is a lot of information regarding social security disability law for both the claimants and the attorneys that represent them. There are organizations like the National Organization of Social Security Representatives (NOSSCR) that provide training and information to representatives like attorneys that have clients’ with social security disability claims. In 2017, the American Bar Association (ABA) published an article about tips social security disability attorneys should know. SSA also provides a guide for claimants to know about their right to representation. It’s also important for plaintiffs’ law firms or attorneys that deal primarily with social security disability claims to have knowledge and access to financing to advertise and increase their case portfolio because the space has become very competitive.

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