Veterans Disability Benefits Cases

Veterans Disability Benefits Cases

As a society, we vowed to take care of our armed forces when they get hurt in the line of duty. Army, Marines, Navy, Special Forces, and the National Guard members who fight to protect our country are eligible for veterans’ disability benefits should end up hurt. When our armed forces are deployed and they suffer injuries get ranging from the loss of limbs to mental and emotional distress, they may lose the ability to gain civilian employment after serving. Programs like Veterans Disability through the Department of Veterans Affairs are setup specifically to help them should they find themselves in this situation. State Side Legal, an advocacy organization for veterans, published an article about veterans disability. However among veterans, the Department of Veterans Affairs has a low approval rating. Sometimes the forms are too complicated for them  to fill out on their own because they require a lot of information and the affected veteran may not be able fill. That is why some engage attorneys to help them with their claims. Plaintiffs’ attorneys are usually the ones who handle veterans’ disability claims. Many of those attorneys also handle social security disability claims because they are similar to the veterans’ claims.

Plaintiffs’ attorneys nationwide practice veterans’ disability benefits law. It can be a huge part of their practice because in the limited population of veterans in the United States, accessing those benefits can be hard. The federal government is known for its bureaucracy and veterans are another group of people that have their own issues with it. One of the main issues regarding veterans’ disability benefits are the appeals that have to be filed if an individual feels they are getting less than what they deserve. In many of the recent battles of war, veterans’ disability benefits have been an acrimonious issue. Gulf War I, Afghanistan, and Iraq have all been had issues associated with those particular benefits. The country is still dealing with agent orange disability benefits from the Vietnam War.

When countries are at war, they bring heavy costs to those on the front lines and its citizens. The effects it can have on the soldiers who serve, their families, friends, and community can be tremendous and long lasting. As the United States of America (USA) continues to maintain a volunteer armed forces core, the burdens of service and the effects are increasingly being held by a smaller percentage of the population. The Pew Research Center released statistics specifically related to the state of our nations’ armed forces. According to them, only 7% of adults listed themselves as veterans in 2016 a drop from 16%. Other conclusions reached in the report included the Gulf War veterans making up a larger portion of the armed forces in the future, the U.S. population is losing more people with military experience, members of the legislative branch having less military experience than any time in the past, and the Department of Veterans Affairs receiving a low likability rating among vets.

Only a select few of people will truly understand what it is to deal with the effects of service and war should something tragic happens. In war anything can happen and veterans who serve are our country’s bravest warriors.They willingly volunteer themselves for combat against hostile forces and threats against USA. However, the costs have been huge for the effected population. On the Department of Defense’s website on casualties to date, 4,410 people died while servicing in Iraq from 2003 to 2010. In 2017, NBC News reported the death toll of casualties in Afghanistan is a little over 2,400. Recently, USA Today published a story about the deaths of three American servicemen in Afghanistan. So the deaths continue while the country is at war and when they return from war, they will be fighting for their veterans’ disability benefits.

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