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RapidFunds is your solution.

About Us

RapidFunds® was founded in 2004 by attorneys Charles S. Brofman, Esq. and Peter J. Speziale, Esq., as a solution to the cash flow problems contingent fee attorneys face as a result of the typically delayed receipt of settlement proceeds. Both Charlie and Peter are admitted attorneys who worked in this arena, handled contingent fee cases in most areas of tort law, maintained independent practices, funded litigations, made payrolls, advocated for clients who normally could not afford competent representation without a contingent fee arrangement, and, like many of you, have had to wait inordinate periods of time to collect legal fees.

Problem: Cash flow to run your legal practice.


Solution: RapidFunds®!


​As the pioneers of legal fee acceleration, RapidFunds® knows how to get you cash quickly.

Since 2004, we have successfully expedited over 3,600 legal fee acceleration transactions nationwide. We buy a portion of your legal fee on a settled case so your cash flow is not dependent on the uncertain arrival of a settlement check.

Our funding is:
Fast. We wire money directly to your account, often the SAME day you apply, so the money is available immediately.

No Hidden Costs No application fee, No due dilligence fee.

No risk. Your firm has no obligation to pay until your settlement proceeds are received. If the underlying obligor doesn’t pay, we don’t get paid.

Virtually unlimited. We purchase legal fees from $10,000 to $20,000,000.

Our clients are your fellow contingent-fee lawyers, and their cash flow problems have been solved with RapidFunds®


Mass torts
Product liability
Infant actions
Death actions
Class actions
Employment discrimination cases
Some commercial cases
and more…

Funding Process

Step 1

Fill Out Our Application

Step 2

Due Dilligence & Review of Settlement Terms

Step 3

Prepare Contract

Step 4

Fund & Receive Instant Wire


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“Along with assisting me to control my cash flow, RapidFunds® provides me with fair and reasonable discounts on my settlement funds. In the legal business, incoming settlement revenue is sporadic. Monthly income influx can vary substantially due to the accounting practices of insurance companies and municipalities. I turn to RapidFunds® to provide me with a cash flow management solution to deal with these uncertainties.”

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