Post-Settlement Funding

Convert your settled case into immediate cash. Post-settlement funding was created to help plaintiffs’ attorneys who find themselves in need of cash between pending contingent fees.

Our Executive Team

We are former litigators that founded RapidFunds® as a solution to the cash flow problems contingent fee attorneys face because of frequent delays in receiving settlement proceeds.


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We help you turn your settled cases into cash so you can run your business.


Contact us or complete our online application. As attorneys we deal with you the way you deal with your clients—in a confidential relationship.

Due Diligence

RapidFunds® will rely on the application you submit and our own independent due diligence to determine if we will buy a portion of your anticipated fee.

Contract Preparation

We will provide you with a written proposal that we will honor.  You will know exactly what you sold us and the purchase price before you commit.

Receive Funds

We wire money directly to your account, often the same day you apply, so the money is available immediately with no risk and no hidden fees.

Thepioneersoflegalfeeacceleration. RapidFunds® knows how to get you cash quickly.

Since 2004, we’ve successfully expedited over 3,600 legal fee acceleration transactions nationwide. We buy a portion of your legal fee on a settled case so your cash flow isn’t dependent on the uncertain arrival of a settlement check.


Fast, no-risk, virtually unlimited funds for your legal practice.