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Pioneering legal fee acceleration since 2004, RapidFunds® enables immediate growth for you and your firm.


Years in Business

Proven Stability: Providing funding to plaintiffs’ attorneys for over 17 years.



We have fulfilled over 4,000 funding transactions for fellow attorneys, nationwide.



Hundreds of millions in post-settlement funding and line of credit financing to plaintiffs’ attorneys, nationwide.

Here’s Our Source of Capital

Our capital provider is a multi-billion-dollar internationally known institutional investment firm. The capital committed to RapidFunds® is not sensitive to stock market fluctuations or global geopolitical issues. We have immediate access to deep, long-term committed capital. This cash stability enables RapidFunds® to be there for you today, tomorrow and for your long-term growth plans.

Latest Insights


The Pandemic has caused massive shifts in business operations throughout the globe. Here are some examples of how some US law firms have been adjusting.

“Class Dismissed!” The Rise & Fall of the Harvey Weinstein Class Action

The stage was set. The Harvey Weinstein class action litigation had a solution in hand. The parties agreed on the proposed settlement. New York State Attorney General Letitia James publicly announced the agreement, describing it as a “must-win” for Weinstein’s victims.

This Season of the Pandemic: More Class-Action Lawsuits

In addition to wreaking havoc on our lives and health, the pandemic has spawned a storm of class-action lawsuits. In this post, we continue our series of class-action trends, now focusing on gyms and universities.

By Lawyers, For Lawyers

As plaintiffs’ lawyers who practiced in big and small firms, as well as firms we founded, we will not waste your time with needless inquiries on cases. We understand your assets and are willing to leverage them to fulfill your cash needs.