Ozempic: Feeling Full . . . of Lawsuits

Ozempic has boomed in the last couple of years as THE way to watch your weight go down. The Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk made Ozempic to help diabetes patients manage blood sugar levels and regulate insulin, for which the FDA gave it approval in 2017.  Ozempic’s active ingredient, semaglutide, works with the pancreas to […]

Class Action Roundup

2023 was a banner year for class actions. In total, class action settlements swelled to over $51 billion. As tallied in Duane Morris’s 2024 Class Action Review, that number, when considered along with 2022’s $66 billion, marks the highest 2-year period for class action settlements in American history. 2024 looks to make that a 3-year […]

Post-Settlement Funding FAQ

Law firms, like any other business, need cash to operate. Famously, our court system moves at a rather deliberate pace, and attorneys often find themselves waiting, sometimes for years, for a settlement to reach the finish line and turn into a payment. This is where post-settlement funding comes in. It allows law firms waiting on […]