NutriBullet to Pay $10 Million Settlement to Resolve Claims Related to Overheating Blenders

NutriBullet blenders are known for being powerful – so powerful, in fact, that the pressure build-up from their swiftly-moving blades can cause dangerous overheating, according to a class action lawsuit filed in November 2017. This overheating can allegedly lead to bursting canisters and flying blades, as pressure has no way of escaping. Plaintiffs allege that […]

Building Efficiency in Contingency Firms

The changes of the past few years have left contingency firms searching for ways to increase efficiencies in the post-pandemic landscape. Fortunately, firms have many options for optimizing operations and better serving clients. Embracing Assistive Technologies While technology was already transforming the legal industry prior to the pandemic, COVID-19 accelerated a decisive shift toward more […]

What do Juries Really Think?

Trial lawyers know that all the years of hard work and preparation on a case may ultimately rest in the hands of a disparate group of community members otherwise known as jurors. So, what is most important to them?  A recent article in the New York Law Journal offers some insight. It describes a Cornell Law […]