Who is the capital provider to RapidFunds?

You should want to know if we have access to immediate cash, if our funds are deep, if our funds are stable and not sensitive to market or global geopolitical conditions. You need to know that when you need cash, we’ll have it for you quickly. Our capital provider is a multi-billion-dollar internationally known institutional investment firm. We have deep long term committed capital which is not sensitive to stock market fluctuations or global geopolitical issues. The funds are immediately accessible in our bank account. This cash stability enables RapidFunds to be there for you today, tomorrow and contribute significantly to your long term growth plans. Upon inquiry, we are happy to provide the identity of our capital provider.

What if I have an existing bank loan?

If the bank or other funder has a blanket security interest on you or your practice, we will propose a subordination or intercreditor agreement that permits the sale of your legal fee on a particular case to provide the instant liquidity you need.

Do you contact the defendant or defense counsel to verify the transaction and let them know you are purchasing a portion of my fee?

No. Anonymity is paramount. Our communication is between you and us. We rely on information you provide and our own independent due diligence. The only time we contact defense counsel is if and only if, our client commits fraud, misrepresentation or otherwise fails to communicate. This is rare.

Why is this not a loan?

A loan generally has monthly or periodic interest and/or principal payments due, with full return of principal required on a date certain. Our post settlement funding is not a loan but rather a purchase and sale of a portion of your anticipated legal fee. We provide you with instant liquidity by purchasing a portion of your anticipated fee on a settled case. Then, we do the waiting for your legal fee to arrive from the underlying obligor. If for some reason the underlying obligor doesn’t pay, you owe us nothing. Until the settlement fee is received by you, you pay us nothing.

If I have an existing funder that I am not happy with, can I use RapidFunds®?

If you have an existing funder who will not provide you more capital or if their service is no longer a match for your firm, then call us. We may be able to help.

What will this cost me?

We will provide you with a written proposal that we will honor. You will know exactly what you have sold us, and the purchase price you pay, before you commit and throughout the length of the transaction. There are no hidden charges or upfront fees required.

What if another legal fee comes in and i want to pay yours off – can I do that?

You can pay us partially or completely at any time based upon the agreement we reach. There are no “pre-payment” penalties because this is not a loan.

When are the funds you purchased due back?

There is no compulsion to pay by a due date certain. Your obligation to transfer the amount of the legal fee you sold to us is upon your receipt of your legal fee from the underlying obligor. Once those funds clear in your escrow account, you immediately transfer the assigned portion of your legal fee to us.

If I am not a borrower and you are not a lender, then what is our relationship?

Under the standard terms of our agreement, when we buy an interest in your legal fee, you become our fiduciary and escrow agent. You owe us the same duty of care that you owe your clients. When you receive your fee, the funds sold to us are transferred to us by either check or wire.

What size transactions do you handle?

We handle transactions as small as $10,000 and as large as $20,000,000. We are not afraid to write a “big check” and we routinely consummate legal fee purchases in the millions to qualified lawyers on qualified cases. We are also willing to consider transactions well in excess of $20,000,000.

What types of cases will you fund?

Here’s a non-exclusive of list of contingency fee cases we fund: Class actions, ERISA, wage & hour, complex litigation, SEC, anti-trust, construction defect, auto, premises liability, product liability, medical malpractice, cases involving an infant’s (minor’s) compromise or a death compromise, employment litigation, mass torts, multidistrict litigations, labor cases, construction defect, Workers’ Compensation and in some instances, commercial cases. You may be handling a unique area of the law—call us and we will try and find a way to help.

What if I have co-counsel who worked with me on a case and is sharing the fee in some manner?

This is a frequent circumstance on matters we fund.

Can I get funded the same day I submit the application?

Yes, provided we have the information we require. Same day funding happens frequently, especially with our recurring clients.

What kind of documentation is required?

The documentation required  varies by case type but generally we need some background information regarding your firm, your retainer agreement and documentation that satisfies us that a settlement has occurred.

How do I apply?

Click here, complete the initial application and submit, or, call toll free at 888-927-9500, or call our CEO Peter J. Speziale at 914-552-4261.

Does RapidFunds offer funding to plaintiffs?

We do not fund plaintiffs. We only fund attorneys who represent plaintiffs.

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