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As former litigators, we understand your challenges and want to help your business succeed.

RapidFunds® was co-founded in 2004 by attorney Peter J. Speziale, Esq., as a solution to the cash flow problems contingent fee attorneys face because of frequent delays in receiving settlement proceeds. Running a law firm takes a lot of money, but traditional lending institutions are generally not comfortable lending on contingent fee cases, and typically not to the extent necessary to resolve cash flow problems. Unlike these institutions, we fully understand the value of the assets contained in your inventory of cases.

Our Difference:

Attorney owned and operated. We have walked in your shoes. Our executives and staff are, in part, attorneys who worked as litigators and handled contingent fee cases in most areas of tort law. In fact, at RapidFunds®, all of the key people you will interact with are significantly experienced attorneys. As sole practitioners and as members of big and small law firms, our team maintained independent practices, funded litigations, made payrolls, and, like many of you, waited inordinate periods of time to collect legal fees.

Personal service. We pride ourselves in building close relationships with our clients. The attorneys we work with are like family and we understand their business needs. That means once you become a client, we can provide fast turnaround (often in the same day) and make the funding process as painless as possible.

Our funding is not a loan. We are NOT a lender. We acquire assets—in this case, an interest in your anticipated legal fee on a settled case. You act as our escrow agent and fiduciary and transfer the portion of your fee that we purchased when your fee is finally received. All of our transactions are non-recourse—so if the underlying payer (insurance company, private company or government agency, for example) fails to ultimately pay or becomes insolvent, you no longer have an obligation to us.

We work with you through the entire funding process. We handle everything from intake through making a funding decision and providing the funds. We are NOT a broker or hedge fund. We don’t take an application and agree to fund and then look for the money. Rather, we have direct and immediate access to funds. We are also more than just underwriters—we are lawyers who understand how your business works so we can quickly evaluate your cases and come to a fast decision without wasting your time.

We handle firms of all types and sizes. Our clients range from firms that specialize in class actions and settle a few large fee cases per year to lawyers who handle low severity but high volume matters that settle each month.

Find out more about How it Works or call Peter Speziale at 914-552-4261. We will gladly answer your questions.

Get your fees today and unlock the value of your assets. We look forward to hearing from you.

Get your fees today and unlock
the value of your assets.

We look forward to hearing from you.