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Ponzi Scheme Cases

Anyone caught in a Ponzi scheme will feel a variety of emotions from shame to anger to regret. For many people there is no coming back from the damage those schemes can cause. In these scenarios, people end up losing their investments and when the scheme is uncovered there are not enough assets to pay […]

World Wide Adoption of Class Action Lawsuits & Litigation Finance

Class Actions are thought of only as a phenomenon in the United States and was that way for a long time. However, as the globalization train has picked up, the method has gained popularity in many countries that once rejected it. In addition, the litigation finance train which started in Australia, reached some countries in […]

Banks Offering Financing to Plaintiffs’ Attorneys

A plaintiffs’ law firm can be a tough business to operate. Not only are you in competition with the local plaintiffs’ trial attorneys in your area for cases, you are also fighting off huge law firms with big reputations for some of those same cases. For the attorneys who do take on certain cases, it […]

BB&T Corporation Excessive Fee Lawsuit

Branch Banking and Trust (BB&T), a bank holding company based in North Carolina with reported revenues over $11.6 billion dollars in 2018 settled a lawsuit over the excessive fees they charged to their employees over their 401K plans. The bank agreed to pay approximately $24 million to settle the case. The affected employees include those […]

Arthur J. Gallagher Tax Shelter Class Action Lawsuit

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. (AJG) is a public insurance and risk management company based in Illinois accused by plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit of providing and promoting illegal captive insurance tax strategies for their clients. The plaintiffs allege this strategy was not real and it was really an abusive tax shelter designed to […]