Category: Lawsuit Cases & Settlements

RapidFunds writes about the kinds of cases it can fund with post-settlement funding and case cost finance on their company blog.

Ponzi Scheme Cases

Anyone caught in a Ponzi scheme will feel a variety of emotions from shame to anger to regret. For many people there is no coming back from the damage those schemes can cause. In these scenarios, people end up losing their investments and when the scheme is uncovered there are not enough assets to pay […]

Blue Cross Blue Shield Antitrust Litigation Cases

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is currently defending itself from a class action lawsuit alleging they are operating in a non-competitive way in the health care industry. The plaintiffs who filed the lawsuit against the association allege it entered in non-compete agreements which allocated certain markets to sell health insurance and capped the amounts. […]

Community Health Systems Data Breach Cases

In the past few months privacy and data have taken prominence in the national debate. Issues with Facebook and the 2016 United States Presidential election helped push the two issues to the forefront where the debate continues to about the intersection between the two. When Community Health Systems (CHS) was breached in 2014, it was […]

Veterans Disability Benefits Cases

As a society, we vowed to take care of our armed forces when they get hurt in the line of duty. Army, Marines, Navy, Special Forces, and the National Guard members who fight to protect our country are eligible for veterans’ disability benefits should end up hurt. When our armed forces are deployed and they […]

Social Security Disability Benefits Cases

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments are what an individual receives when they cannot work full-time due to a disability or an injury. In addition, if that injury or disability will lead to that person’s death, they are eligible to receive payments.The process starts when the individual pleads their case […]

Diocese of Hawaii Clergy Sex Abuse Cases

It seems everyday there is a new allegation regarding children being sexually abused by officials in their respective houses of worship. The Roman Catholic Church, the Protestant Church, Anglican Church and others have all had to deal with or are currently dealing with allegations and charges that have rocked their institutions. Sex abuse allegations have […]