Copyright Infringement Policies Lead to Indie Music Label Class-Action Lawsuit

There are few areas of the law more important to the music industry than copyright protection. Piracy and other forms of IP violations prop up a multi million dollar industry that profits off of music creators proprietary material. Removing music that violates copyright is a regulatory requirement and a constant struggle for music distributors. Recently, […]

What Consumers and Businesses Should Know About Data Breach Liability

In today’s digitized world, businesses are necessarily collecting more and more consumer data and grappling with how to protect this data. The prevalence of data breaches continues to increase, alongside growing concerns over consumer privacy. When it comes to data breach liability, businesses should know their responsibilities and consumers should know their rights. Business Responsibility […]

Robocall Class Actions 101

Everyone has been on the receiving end of a “robocall” – an automated phone message trying to sell you something, promote a product, or get you to vote for a political candidate. Believe it or not, robocalls have been around since the 1990s. In fact, major legislation to curb invasive robocalls was passed in 1991.  […]