Post-Settlement Funding

RapidFunds has been a long-time provider of post-settlement funding to plaintiffs’ attorneys since 2004. As one of the first legal finance companies in the legal funding space, the company has been involved with helping plantiffs’ attorneys access funding. RapidFunds watched as the industry grew from its off-beat nascent beginnings to one that has become mainstream. Litigation Funding colloquially known as legal funding is now one of the biggest topics of discussion in the legal world today.

Post-Settlement Funding differs from other kinds of legal finance in that it is a way for plaintiffs’ attorneys to access part of their legal fee from a settled case. Pre-Settlement funding, verdict funding, case cost finance, appeal funding, judgment funding, structured settlement funding, and litigation finance all help plaintiffs’ attorneys at different parts of the litigation lifeline. When an attorney decides to use post-settlement finance, they are waiting for payment from a settled case, so it is easier for the funder and the attorney to get a deal done. Certain cases are prone to have administrative and other miscellaneous delays that can affect payment. Class actions and multi-district litigations (MDLs) are the best examples where legal fees can be delayed. While a settlement indicates a legal fee will be paid, the next question becomes how long before payment is disbursed. Law firms need to be careful how many cases they take on and how much money they can devote to each case. Personal injury, employment law, social security disability claims, veterans’ disability claims and product liability cases are just some of the kinds of cases plaintiffs’ attorneys are known to handle. Each of these kinds of cases have their own unique trends and each specific case can take on a life of its own. Once a plaintiff attorney accepts a case, there will be many associated expenses. Depositions, travel costs and documents are just some expenses associated with litigating a case.

A settled case allows lawyers to earn a contingent fee and reinvest all or part of that fee back into their practice. Post-settlement funding was created to help plaintiffs’ attorneys who find themselves in need of cash between pending contingent fees. Post-Settlement finance can be a very critical tool for plaintiffs’ law firms. Access to funds can help attorney advertise for clients in big name cases, add partners who specialize in specific kinds of law like maritime and aviation, add associates and staff, and build their brand so they can compete with big name firms. For national plaintiffs’ law firms, post-settlement funding can help them maintain their competitive advantage, increase their presence on all media channels, and expand their footprint to help increase business. Post-Settlement Funding has been and continues to be one of the strongest tools in a plaintiffs’ attorneys toolbox.

About RapidFunds 

RapidFunds was created by former plaintiffs’ attorneys who understand the challenges of running a plaintiff contingency fee practice. Post-Settlement funding was specifically designed to assist cash flow necessary to help a firm maximize its growth and revenue potential.

RapidFunds provides post-settlement funding to plaintiffs’ law firms and plaintiffs’ attorneys with settled cases. Recently, the company started offering case cost funding to plaintiffs’ law firms and attorneys for their current and future case expenses.To apply, call 888-927-9500 and speak to one of our funding specialists about the funding process. They can also email for more information. Plaintiffs’ attorneys can also fill out an application on our website or apply now here.