NutriBullet blenders are known for being powerful – so powerful, in fact, that the pressure build-up from their swiftly-moving blades can cause dangerous overheating, according to a class action lawsuit filed in November 2017. This overheating can allegedly lead to bursting canisters and flying blades, as pressure has no way of escaping.

Plaintiffs allege that they have sustained burns and other injuries from overheating blenders. To resolve the lawsuit, NutriBullet LLC has agreed to pay a $10 million settlement. The company has not admitted liability or wrongdoing. Representatives for NutriBullet stated that the likely culprit of alleged injuries relating to overheating was user error.

Plaintiffs say that NutriBullet should be informing customers that some blender models should not be run continuously for more than one minute and that certain blenders cannot safely manage hot ingredients.

Class members must submit a claim with proof of purchase or their blender’s serial number, with up to one claim per household permitted. The class is comprised of customers who purchased, for non-commercial uses, any new or reconditioned 600- or 900-watt NutriBullet blender in the United States. Purchases must have been made between June 1, 2017 and March 15, 2022.

Class members may recover either a cash refund ($5 for 600-watt models or $7 for 900-watt models) or a discount code for $10 toward the purchase of a new 600-watt model or $15 toward the purchase of a new 900-watt model.

NutriBullet will also add notices to the packaging of blender models informing customers that the blenders should not be used for hot ingredients or for more than one continuous minute.

To learn more about the settlement details, visit the settlement page.

On June 30, 2022, the court will hold a hearing in Illinois to determine whether to provide final approval for the settlement.

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