Tech-friendly law firms have learned that embracing assistive tech can help lawyers streamline operations, improve workflow, and better serve clients.

Optimizing Data Security in a Hybrid Workspace 

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way offices are run across industries, including even the slow-to-change legal field. Remote and hybrid workspaces demand stricter attention to virtual file storing and data keeping. Absent the ubiquitous paper file sharing of the past, lawyers must consider the safest ways to store and share sensitive documents when communicating with colleagues and clients virtually. Firms integrating cloud storage and blockchain technology are ahead of the curve in providing the security clients require in a digital world.

Harnessing the Power of AI

Artificial intelligence can be an enormous help to law firms in a variety of ways. AI programs can take on routine administrative tasks like billing, saving lawyers many hours weekly from mundane paperwork. More complex AI programs like contract analysis tools can augment lawyers’ daily work to help firms better serve clients’ needs. 

Improving Website User Experience

Tech-savvy law firms are increasingly providing services via their websites. One element that sets firms apart is the integration of legal chatbots that interact with site visitors to answer simple legal questions and direct potential clients to set up consultations. Chatbots can improve the user experience by directing clients to the information they need.

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