It can be difficult to differentiate yourself as an attorney working in a crowded practice area. One option to help yourself stand out to potential clients is “niching down” – finding a niche area in which to establish your practice. It’s no secret to any attorney that the legal world is complex, and most of us aren’t experts in multiple divergent areas of law. Identifying a smaller area of practice will enable you to deepen your understanding in one specific area and provide a higher quality of service to clients searching for real expertise.

An attorney struggling to stand out in the business law world, for example, may find more success if she specializes in cannabis law. Clients seeking answers to the complicated and confusing questions they encounter in the cannabis industry will feel more comfortable and have a better chance of getting their needs met if their attorney has a deep knowledge of their industry, rather than the generalized knowledge that a typical business law attorney may be able to offer.

When considering what niche area to commit to, ask yourself what areas of law you enjoy the most. The journey of uncovering the best niche for your practice may take some time. As you build experience, continue to narrow your focus. Eventually, you’ll be a specialist in an area you enjoy working in, and will become one of the go-to experts in your area of practice. For example, our cannabis law expert may find that she particularly enjoys dealing with issues of zoning for marijuana dispensaries. This is a niche area within a smaller practice area, and eventually she will be at the top of the list for any clients looking for cannabis zoning help.

Niching down is a great option for attorneys looking to improve their practice and build a stable, rewarding future for their careers.

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