Another Discrimination Lawsuit Against Uber Settles

Over the last few years, the media has reported many claims of gender and race discrimination against well-known companies. Uber, in particular, faced well-publicized claims of sexual harassment just last year. The allegations also exposed a company culture that was...

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How to Get Post-Settlement Funding the Same Day You Apply

Many law firms will wait to seek out post-settlement funding until they absolutely need the funds. They prefer to see whether a check will come in, so they can pay bills with their own money instead of going to a third-party. That’s why when firms do go to a funder,...

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$1.5 Million Settlement in Priest Sex Abuse Lawsuit

Sex abuse claims against the Catholic Church are continuing around the country. Many of these cases are difficult to litigate because the abuse occurred years ago. In a recent case involving the Buffalo Diocese, the abuse dated back almost 40 years. Under the current...

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Seven Duties of a Legal Funding Company

There are many companies offering to provide post-settlement funding to law firms, but they aren’t created equally. Lawyers need to do their due diligence and make sure they are working with a reputable company. In addition to asking specific questions about the...

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Tips for Creating a Cash flow Budget for Your Law Firm

How much money do you need to run your practice? Where will it come from? A cash flow budget is a useful tool to help avoid short-term shortages of money. It is an estimate of all cash receipts and all cash expenditures that are expected to occur during a certain time...

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Are You Spending Too Much Time on Nonlegal Work?

In 2 recent studies, small law firms reported that they spent a significant portion of their time on nonlegal work. Running a law practice is a business and that means there are a lot of administrative tasks that must get done. However, when lawyers do too much of...

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What to Expect After You Receive Post-Settlement Funding

The process of applying for and receiving post-settlement funding is straight-forward and quick for those who follow the funder’s guidelines. However, once a law firm gets the money, attorneys often are concerned about what happens if their settlement is held up...

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