Banks Offering Financing to Plaintiffs’ Attorneys

A plaintiffs' law firm can be a tough business to operate. Not only are you in competition with the local plaintiffs' trial attorneys in your area for cases, you are also fighting off huge law firms with big reputations for some of those same cases. For the attorneys...

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BB&T Corporation Excessive Fee Lawsuit

Branch Banking and Trust (BB&T), a bank holding company based in North Carolina with reported revenues over $11.6 billion dollars in 2018 settled a lawsuit over the excessive fees they charged to their employees over their 401K plans. The bank agreed to pay...

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Arthur J. Gallagher Tax Shelter Class Action Lawsuit

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. (AJG) is a public insurance and risk management company based in Illinois accused by plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit of providing and promoting illegal captive insurance tax strategies for their clients. The plaintiffs allege this...

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Homeowners Keep Winning Against PHH Corporation

In 2018, PHH Corporation. settled two lawsuits. The first was settled for $45 million over mortgage servicing and foreclosure issues. The second was settled for $17 million with both PHH and Realogy paying over alleged kickbacks for title services. PHH is a subsidiary...

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Liability at Stake with Pacific Gas & Electric Bankruptcy

In 2018, California suffered a huge number of wildfires and some of which including the Camp Fire wildfire was tied to the the electric company Pacific Gas & Electric. PG&E, reportedly the largest utility company in the state, has filed for bankruptcy due to...

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Bradley County Jail Class Action Lawsuit

The Bradley County Jail is located in Cleveland (not Ohio) Tennessee. It is a small city not too far away from the Blue Ridge Mountains and Tennessee River. According to some statistics, the population in Bradley County is around 40,000 people. For a small town,...

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Learn About The Different Kinds of Legal Funding

Most people think of banks or credit unions when it comes to financing operations for their business and plaintiffs' lawyers are no different. In the best case scenario, banks will evaluate an application and after doing their due diligence they will issue a decision...

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Legal Finance Industry In The News

Legal finance is a new industry that has gained prominence over the years because of its future capabilities and the current industry that it services most people aren't aware of is a needed asset. Since in its emergence in the early 1990s in the United States, the...

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