The Bradley County Jail is located in Cleveland (not Ohio) Tennessee. It is a small city not too far away from the Blue Ridge Mountains and Tennessee River. According to some statistics, the population in Bradley County is around 40,000 people. For a small town, Bradley County’s jail has certainly been the subject of many headlines. Many of them are related to the vast amount of issues the jail has had to deal with. Excessive force, malicious prosecution and civil rights violations are some of the allegations against the Bradley County Jail. Arguably one of the biggest issues are the lawsuits for a variety of reported abuses over medical treatment of inmates. According to the Cleveland Daily Banner, a local plaintiffs’ attorney started advertising his services and desire to represent the inmates in this suit against the county jail. The attorney is running radio ads and purchasing billboard space throughout the county.

News articles about the Bradley County jail reported inmates who were held in the establishment were denied medical treatment including medications for diabetes and equipment like colostomy bags. The ones that did receive care complained that it was inadequate. Former inmates have already started filing lawsuits against the jail, the county, the former Sheriff and some of his officers. One of the main defendants in these cases against Bradley County Jail is Sheriff Eric Watson. He is named in many of the lawsuits and was the subject of some controversy as well. The Times Free Press published many stories about impropriety in the Sheriff’s office. He was recently named as a defendant in the wrongful death lawsuit of a man reportedly stopped by the Sheriff. Watson was actually arrested for title fraud over vehicles bought in Florida and sold in Tennessee. His arrest made waves in the area, but in 2018 the prosecutor dropped the charges. Watson lost the election in 2018 a newcomer Steve Lawson. According to news reports, he along with his wife who is a bail bondsman will find ways to serve the people of the community. In his exit interview with a news publication, Watson hoped he would be remembered for his accomplishments made during his time as sheriff and not for the controversies.

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